Individual Rights

Reentry: The Tie That Binds Civil Legal Aid Attorneys and Public Defenders

Works examines the data from major reentry initiatives to determine whether the legal needs of formerly incarcerated individuals are being met. The data suggest that reentry programs do not adequately address the legal needs of their clients. This article then examines the potential for partnership between reentry programs and existing legal service providers in an effort to close the legal services gap in reentry.

Legal Services Assessment for Trafficked Children

Researchers at the Center for the Human Rights of Children conducted a survey with professionals working in and around Cook County, IL who provided services to human trafficking survivors. They find that 85 percent of service providers report access to legal services as “critical” for child trafficking survivors.

The Needs of Native Americans with Disabilities: 2007 Needs Assessment

The Native American Disability Law Center is the sole provider of civil legal services that primarily focuses on Native Americans with disabilities in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. The Center conducted a survey and needs assessment of their clients. They find that their clients face poverty, isolation and discrimination and their clients report high levels of satisfaction with their services.