Individuals with Disabilities

The Opioid Crisis In America & the Role Medical-Legal Partnership Can Play In Recovery

This issue brief by the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership supports the need for legal services in addressing the non-medical issues for legal clients with substance use disorders(SUD)on their road to recovery. Citing case studies of existing recovery-based MLPs in Ohio, Indiana, and Nevada, this paper provides a well-supported argument for the impact of lawyers as significant actors in combating the ongoing opioid crisis.

The Needs of Native Americans with Disabilities: 2007 Needs Assessment

The Native American Disability Law Center is the sole provider of civil legal services that primarily focuses on Native Americans with disabilities in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. The Center conducted a survey and needs assessment of their clients. They find that their clients face poverty, isolation and discrimination and their clients report high levels of satisfaction with their services.

The Attorney As the Newest Member of the Cancer Treatment Team

In this study, researchers profile LegalHealth, a free legal services program that works alongside health care providers in cancer care. Because oncologists often discuss insurance, employment, and financial concerns at first diagnosis and then later on, advanced planning (e.g., health care proxies, advance directives, etc.), they are in a prime position to partner with legal services. In this article, the researchers profile the benefits to patients, families and care partners, as well as benefits to providers and to the health care institution.