Self-Represented Litigants

Report of the Summit on the Use of Technology to Expand Access to Justice

The 51 attendees at the technology summit issued developed a strategy to implement the the use of technology to help with: document assembly for self-represented litigants; better “triage”—that is, identification of the most appropriate form of service for clients in light of the totality of their circumstances; mobile technologies; remote service delivery; expert systems and checklists; and unbundled services.

Clearing a Path to Justice: A Report of the Maryland Judiciary Work Group on Self-Representation in the Maryland Courts

This report outlines the work group’s efforts and study on self-represented litigants in Maryland. It provides an overview of the current efforts, initiatives, and recommendations on how to aid self-represented litigants, enhance the response of court staff, enhance the judicial response, support improvements in the legal services delivery system, and create an access to justice commission.