Needs and Issues of Latino and Native American Nonparental Relative Caregivers: Strengths and Challenges within a Cultural Context

This study interviewed Latino and Native American grandparents about their social and legal needs. In interviews conducted with Native American caregivers, the article noted “legal custodial issues as critical” and “reported legal aid as a significant need” (p. 364). For those interviewed, Native American grandparents reported a median income of $1,300.

Meeting the Legal Needs of Human-Trafficking Survivors

Byrne outlines the legal needs of human trafficking survivors (including expungement or vacatur, trauma-informed representation, autonomy, etc.), the challenges faced by lawyers who represent trafficking survivors, poses an argument for self-directed representation of survivors who are minors, and offers guidance for lawyers who seek to serve this population.

Legal Services Assessment for Trafficked Children

Researchers at the Center for the Human Rights of Children conducted a survey with professionals working in and around Cook County, IL who provided services to human trafficking survivors. They find that 85 percent of service providers report access to legal services as “critical” for child trafficking survivors.

Child Maltreatment and Immigration Enforcement: Considerations for Child Welfare and Legal Systems Working with Immigrant Families

This article presents an overview of the issues and challenges facing Hispanic children and families in the child welfare system. It presents risk factors associated with child welfare involvement, child placement rates for Hispanic and non-Hispanic children, and immigration enforcement as a risk for child welfare involvement.