Aging, Women and Poverty in California: We Must Do More

In 2016, the CA Commission on Aging joined with the California Women’s Law Center and the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls to host the first statewide convening focused on older women in poverty through the lenses of retirement options, elder justice, food insecurity, and health access. This article provides evidence that the relationship between legal services and Adult Protective Services (APS) and the Long Term Care Ombudsman should be strengthened in order to expand and improve elder justice resources.

How Can Legal Services Better Meet the Needs of Low-Income LGBT Seniors?

Justice in Aging published this special report to help raise awareness of the additional legal needs LGBT seniors may face that are layered on top of the more common needs of older adults. The organization proposes that because low-income LGBT older adults have lived with decades of discrimination that have led to higher rates of poverty, this group of older Americans has an even greater need for legal services to defend their rights and ensure they have access to the income supports, health care, and housing they need.

Legal Needs Assessment of Older Adults in Maine

Legal Services for the Elderly (LSE) is a nonprofit organization in Maine that provides free legal assistance. The University of Maine Center on Aging conducted a legal needs assessment of older Americans in the state. They find that between 45 and 86 percent of those surveyed experienced legal problems within the last three years.

Needs and Issues of Latino and Native American Nonparental Relative Caregivers: Strengths and Challenges within a Cultural Context

This study interviewed Latino and Native American grandparents about their social and legal needs. In interviews conducted with Native American caregivers, the article noted “legal custodial issues as critical” and “reported legal aid as a significant need” (p. 364). For those interviewed, Native American grandparents reported a median income of $1,300.