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The State of the Medical-Legal Partnership Field

The National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership conducted a survey of MLPs and received a response rate of 55 percent. The survey provides an overview of key characteristics of MLPs, the people served by MLPs, the resources associated with operating an MLP, service integration and information sharing, and the ways MLPs advance health and wellbring. NCMLP survey is about the need for partnership between health care system and civil legal aid. This survey also discusses in detail the expected advantages of medical-lagel partnership MLPs. The NCMLP focuses on the benefits that communities families,and individuals can get through medical-legal partnership.

The Juvenile Record Myth

This article discusses the stigma faced by adults with juvenile records and argues the current existing are unsubstantial there needs to be comprehensive alternatives to address issue of confidentiality, expungement, sealing, and nondisclosure statutes to facilitate reintegration.