The Attorney As the Newest Member of the Cancer Treatment Team

In this study, researchers profile LegalHealth, a free legal services program that works alongside health care providers in cancer care. Because oncologists often discuss insurance, employment, and financial concerns at first diagnosis and then later on, advanced planning (e.g., health care proxies, advance directives, etc.), they are in a prime position to partner with legal services. In this article, the researchers profile the benefits to patients, families and care partners, as well as benefits to providers and to the health care institution.

Evaluation of the Guardian Ad Litem System in Nebraska

In many child dependency cases in Nebraska, the court will appoint a guardian ad litem to advocate for the child. The researchers evaluated five counties in Nebraska. They find that there is a lack of clarity for guardian ad litems, guardians were satisfied with their caseloads, a majority believed their compensation was inadequate, and most of the guardians believed they received insufficient training.

Improving Civil Justice in Rural America

The California Commission on Access to Justice analyzes the quality and access to civil justice in rural California, discussing the legal needs, the profile of rural legal assistance, how the courts, self-help centers, and other community organizations can be involved, and how the legal aid community can engage with pro bono. Among other findings, the study finds that housing, labor violations, domestic violence, access to health care and services, legal problems facing the elderly and persons with disabilities, language assistance, and tribal-related issues were the top legal needs of rural Californians.

Psychological Well-Being Among Women Who Experienced Intimate Partner Violence and Received Civil Legal Services

This study uses Sullivan’s Social and Emotional Well-Being Framework to see why and how women who experienced intimate partner violence (or domestic violence) and received civil legal services experienced improvements in psychological well-being. Women reported a decrease in depressive and PTSD symptoms over one year after receiving civil legal services.