Understanding the Legal Problems of Renters

The Legal Education Foundation is a grant making trust that promotes legal education to help people better understand and use the law. This information is drawn from the study ‘How People Understand and Interact with the Law,’ in 2015. Their analysis is based on 4,000 interviews conducted for the English and Welsh Civil & Social Justice Panel Survey (CSJPS) in 2010 and 2012.

San Mateo County Eviction Report

This report is an analysis of 3,145 eviction cases handled by the Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County and Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto over a three-year period. The data provides the first attempt to evaluate eviction activity in San Mateo County on a wide scale.

Economic Return on Investment of Providing Counsel in Philadelphia Eviction Cases for Low-Income Tenants

In this economic return on investment study of providing legal counsel for those in eviction cases, Stout Risius Ross found that establishing a right to counsel would help the city avoid $45.2 million in costs annually, while the total cost to provide representation is $3.5 million. They analyzed docket data to assess the impact representation would have on the outcome of an eviction case. They analyzed the distribution of outcomes, the incremental impact of representation, and a repeat case analysis.

Disasters in Rural California: The Impact on Access to Justice

This report analyzes how disasters have disproportionately struck rural parts of California. These areas often have higher poverty rates than urban ones, and are typically the slowest to recover from disasters. During disaster and recovery, low-and modest-means communities often do not have access to legal remedies, meaning that recovery is often uneven. This report outlines how legal aid and pro bono assistance help residents in areas of housing, consumer issues, employment, insurance, public benefits, replacing vital records and documents, and accessing FEMA benefits.