A More Detailed Look at Legal Services by Older Americans Act Funded Providers

By: David M. Godfrey. Published by: Bifocal, A Journal of the ABA Commission on Law and Aging. Published in April 2013

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This study analyzes the limited data available pertaining to the legal assistance provided under the Old Americans Act. Using surveys from around the country, Godfrey compiled a list of states with enough data to form a full sample and published the results of how the legal services are being most used. The distribution percentages represent the needs of the people using the legal assistance offered under the Older Americans Act. Full breakdown is included in the published results.

The categorical breakdown: Miscellaneous: 33.63% * Consumer: 19.12% Housing: 16.6% Family Law: 6.91% Health: 6.13% Income: 4.04% Individual Rights: 2.25% Employment: 2.04% Juvenile: 0.06% Education: 0.01% None reported: 8.52% *Miscellaneous includes estates and advance directives

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