A Report on Pennsylvania’s Access to Justice Act FY 2004-2011

By: Resource for Great Programs. Published by: Pennsylvania IOLTA Board (PAIOLTA), Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania State Government. Published in May 2013

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In July 2002, Pennsylvania’s Access to Justice Act (AJA) was approved with strong, bipartisan legislative support and signed into law by then- Governor Mark Schweiker. The statute established a $2 surcharge on filings in state courts, with the resulting revenue designated to provide free civil legal assistance to low-income Pennsylvanians. In addition, effective December 2009 under the leadership of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, a $1 supplemental filing fee was enacted for the AJA to help offset a significant decline in state IOLTA funding. Unlike the original $2 filing fee surcharge, however, the supplemental fee was not applied to traffic citations.

People and Legal Cases: 117,632 cases handled (FY ’04-’11) 231,735 people directly benefited (FY ’04-’11) Economic Impact (FY ’04-’11):

2,245 jobs for Pennsylvania workers $66 million in cost savings to taxpayers and communities $162 million in direct federal benefit payments to residents $302 million economic multiplier effect on local and state economies $530 million in total income and savings for residents and communities This report, related to funding received as a result of the Access to Justice Act, was sponsored by the Pennsylvania IOLTA Board (PA IOLTA), with data provided by the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network, Inc. (PLAN, Inc.). The report was produced for PA IOLTA by The Resource for Great Programs, Inc.

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