Annual Report of the Task Force to Expand Access to Civil Legal Services in New York

Published by: Chief Judge of New York. Published in November 2012.

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The task force to expand access to civil legal services in New York studied impacts of civil legal programs throughout the state and issued an annual report to the chief judge on the successes of legal services available, as well as recommendations for improving the state of civil legal services.

The Task Force was ably assisted by its Counsel Jessica Klein and Lara Loyd, both from Sullivan & Cromwell, as well as by Mary Mone and Lauren Kanfer from your office.


  • Results in an additional economic stimulus for New York State of $561 million and the creation of 5,600 jobs
  • Reduces New York State’s Excess Federal Tax Burden By 2 Percent
  • Results In Nearly $1 Billion In Federal Benefits Coming Into New York State Key Recommendations

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