Access to Justice Commissions: Increasing Effectiveness through Adequate Staffing and Funding

By: Mary Lavery Flynn. Published by: American Bar Association. Published in August 2010.

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This report makes several key findings. First, stakeholder involvement (e.g., civil, social services, community groups) increases the impact of access to justice (ATJ) commissions. Second, having professional staff, such as a full-time coordinator, is key. Third, the Conference of Chief Justices and individual chief justices are integral. Fourth, private philanthropy has assisted with the expansion of commissions. Fifth, small grants can have a huge impact, such as allowing justice attend national meetings. Sixth, one-third of commissions do their own fundraising.

The report also makes recommendations for individual commissions (such as being creative about potential funding sources and new supporters)and for national organizations supporting ATJ commission (such as ongoing collaboration on staffing and funding).

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