Clearing a Path to Justice: A Report of the Maryland Judiciary Work Group on Self-Representation in the Maryland Courts

Published by: The Work Group on Self-Representation in the Maryland Courts. Published in August 2007.

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This report provides an overview of how the Maryland courts have responded to the increased volume of self-represented litigants, mainly through forms, tailored websites, orientation courts, and written materials and videos.

Recommendations (see pages 6-7):

  • The Judiciary develop a web-enabled document assembly interface for court forms;
  • The Judiciary provide resources and services for self-represented litigants in languages other than English to ensure access to the justice system for the many non-English speakers that frequent the courts;
  • The Judiciary invest in Live Chat technology and engage a provider to enhance forms support by offering questions answered live via a chat feature on forms web pages and other relevant web pages;
  • The Judiciary evaluate the Eastern Shore Regional Library Self-Help Pilot for possible replication;
  • The District Court of Maryland investigate the need for and feasibility of developing District Court self-help centers;
  • The Judiciary consider expanding the Family Law Self-Help Centers operated by the Maryland Circuit Courts to serve a broader range of litigants and case types; and,
  • The Judiciary develop a video or video library of materials that can be shown to individuals appearing on their own in Maryland courts.

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