Comprehensive Services for Survivors of Human Trafficking: Findings From Clients in Three Communities

By: Laudan Y. Aron, Janine M. Zewig and Lisa C. Newmark. Published by: Urban Institute. Published in June 2006

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This article finds there are many unmet legal needs for human trafficking survivors.

Highlights include:

“Like victims of other types of crime, such as domestic violence or sexual assault, survivors of human trafficking have multiple and wide-ranging service needs as a result of the victimization experience. However, trafficking victims also have some unique needs arising from the particular experience of being transported into a foreign country—legally or illegally, willingly or unwillingly—and held against their will in a situation where they were forced to work for little or no pay, and were not free to leave. Since most international trafficking victims do not speak English or understand American culture or legal systems, the sense of being isolated and trapped is very real.

Our discussions with trafficking survivors revealed that many service needs are common to virtually all survivors; but service needs also vary with method of liberation from the trafficking situation, and over time. While our survivor interviews did not explicitly ask how the victim escaped from the trafficking situation, this information was volunteered by 18 of those we interviewed, or by their case managers (who provided background information prior to the interview). Half of these had left the trafficking situation as a result of a law enforcement raid, and half had left with the assistance of a friend, by reaching out to police or service providers, or on their own.” (p. 10)

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