Needs and Issues of Latino and Native American Nonparental Relative Caregivers: Strengths and Challenges within a Cultural Context

By: Karen Kopera-Frye. Published by: Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal. Published on July 2, 2009

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“While custodial grandparenting historically has been more prevalent among African Americans, kinship care is increasing nationally among all culturally diverse groups. Custodial grandparenting and kinship care are becoming more common among Latino and Native American cultures. However, there are few studies examining needs and issues faced by these relative caregivers, particularly grandparents. In‐depth interviews were conducted with Latino and Native American caregivers of one or more children. Interviews focused on the child’s needs, caregiving issues, and the caregiver’s impact on the children. Results indicate that both groups reported concerns involving finances and health of child; Native Americans noted legal custodial issues as critical. Latino caregivers reported having inadequate resources for the child’s medical care; Native Americans reported legal aid as a significant need. Differential impact on children was reported: with Latinos, family and education, with Native Americans, cultural identity. The findings suggested differential needs, concerns, and impact among these diverse caregivers.” (abstract)

Categories: Elderly, Family, Family, Legal Aid Practitioners, Migrants/Immigrants, National, Native Americans, Researchers and Academics

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