Agenda for Access: The American People and Civil Justice

By: Albert H. Cantril. Published by: ABA Consortium on Legal Services and the Public American Bar Association. Published in: May 1996.

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The report creates an action plan based on the data collected through the CLNS. The report makes five core observations:

  1. Most people facing situations that have a legal dimension do not turn to the civil justice system for help.
  2. Legal services offered to individuals and households have declined in proportion to all legal services provided by the civil justice system.
  3. Legal issues facing low- and moderate- income families are similar in subject matter.
  4. Households immediately above and below the income boundary determining eligibility for publicly-funded legal services struggle most in procuring needed legal services.
  5. Private bar and publicly-funded legal services now serve only a small proportion of legal needs reported by low-income families.

The report suggests eleven action steps divided into four fields:

  1. Link legal needs with legal resources
  2. Supporting legal needs of those eligible and immediately above eligibility for publicly-funded legal services
  3. Building on experience
  4. The ABA should work with other organizations to implement the agenda described by the report.

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