Hotline Outcomes Assessment Study – Phase I (1999)

By: Christine Allison and Jessica Pearson. Published by: Center for Policy Research (CPR). Published in December 1999.

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The Hotline Outcome Assessment Study evaluates the effectiveness of Hotline systems in two phases. Phase I, the subject of this report, uses existing data to compare pre- and post-Hotline caseload statistics in select programs. In addition, it summarizes the information obtained in interviews with Hotline managers and Executive Directors of programs with Hotlines concerning varieties of Hotline staffing and a number of other issues relating to Hotline design and implementation, as well as the perceived strengths and weaknesses of Hotlines.


  • Hotlines can be effective, but success is not guaranteed
  • All executive directors and managers say the Hotline expanded capacity, productivity, and accessibility Starting a Hotline takes a lot of money and time.
  • Although there are often some initial staff resentments and concerns, these fade quickly once the Hotline is implemented and staff experience its efficiencies.
  • Many different staffing arrangements and operational formats work well

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