Legal Services Corporation of Virginia: Report to the Commonwealth and the General Assembly FY 2008-2009

By: Creator Resource for Great Programs. Published by: Source Legal Services Corporation of Virginia. Published in December 2009.

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More than 92,200 low-income Virginians were directly benefited. The civil legal aid programs funded by LSCV enabled low-income Virginians to address critical legal issues directly affecting their families, homes, income, jobs and access to vital services such as education and health care.

LSCV distributed $11.6 million to legal aid programs. In FY 2008-09, LSCV provided grants to a statewide network of non-profit organizations including nine regional legal aid programs and a statewide support center. Collectively these programs served every community in Virginia via 38 offi ces located strategically throughout the state. This funding came from the Virginia General Assembly in the form of general revenue and special filing fee appropriations, and from the Virginia “IOLTA” (Interest On Lawyers Trust Accounts) program that LSCV began administering in 1995.

The state and IOLTA dollars distributed by LSCV leveraged additional millions from other sources. LSCV-funded legal aid programs received an additional $14.1 million from a variety of sources including the federal Legal Services Corporation, local governments, foundation grants, bar associations and community fundraising efforts.

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