Strength in Justice: Ohio’s Legal Aids Energizing Our Economy and Building Our Communities

By: Community Research Partners. Published by: Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation (OLAF). Published in January 2012.

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In 2010, every dollar invested in Ohio legal aid generated a statewide return of 115%. In economic terms, Ohio legal aid produced $106 million in economic output for Ohio: $5.6 million in tax revenue flowed into state, county, and municipal coffers and more than $48 million in earnings went into the pockets of Ohio workers and businesses. Legal aid also sustained jobs for more than 700 Ohioans throughout the state in all industry sectors.

Legal Aid Leverages Resources

Ohio legal aid works with private lawyers across Ohio who, in 2010, volunteered more than 38,000 hours of free legal services through legal aid at a value of more than $6.8 million. Legal aid offices also partner with health service providers in local communities to identify and serve low-income families with legal needs. In addition, legal aid brings millions of federal dollars into Ohio in the form of Social Security Disability, Medicare, and other income supports that stabilize families, provide security for seniors, and promote economic activity in local communities.

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