Wisconsin Judicare: A Preliminary Appraisal

By: Samuel J. Brakel. Published by: American Bar Foundation (ABF). Published in January 1972.

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Judicare is a program which provides free legal services for the poor who qualify for enrollment. Each enrollee receives a card which can be used with any attorney who participates in the program. This document presents an interim appraisal of the Wisconsin Judicare program which is currently serving several rural counties.

The eligible population, including whites, Indians and other minority groups, seems to be aware of the program and willing to take advantage of it. Acceptance by the private bar, however, is not quite as widespread.

Judicare services include domestic, consumer, employment and housing cases. In addition, commitment, juvenile, and misdemeanor proceedings can be handled by Judicare lawyers.

Both clients and program attorneys expressed satisfaction with Judicare but the author notes that his evaluation was based on a small sample and that his criteria need refinement. Those concerned with the provision of legal services to all segments of society will find this report of interest.

ISBN 0-910058-56-3

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