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Legal Services for All: Is the Profession Ready?

Charm writes that legal needs are highly elastic: resources will never be adequate to address every problem. There will always be constraints and because of that, the legal profession is not ready for legal services for all. Instead, public policy must involve resource targeting and rationing.

The 2014 Tennessee Pro Bono Report

This 2014 Tennessee Pro Bono Report contains information about and statistics on the hours devoted to pro bono activities of legal aid providers, bar associations, law schools, mediation centers, and other organizations in 2014.

Do Lawyers Matter?: The Effect of Legal Representation in Civil Disputes

As pro se litigation and Internet-based services become more popular avenues for pursuing legal resolution, the value of professional counsel is increasingly called into question. Through a review of relevant literature focused on several areas of law, this article explores whether legal representation produces desirable outcomes in civil disputes. While some results are mixed, evidence appears to strongly support legal representation in a variety of cases and contexts.

The Community Listening Project

The Community Listening Project, sponsored by the DC Consortium of Legal Service Providers, assesses the various challenges experienced by D.C.’s poorest residents in an effort to determine how to better serve members of the community in most need of assistance. Through these efforts, participants identified housing, transportation, neighborhood concerns, employment, and debt as the greatest challenges to overcoming poverty. In addition to gaining a more informed understanding of the issues affecting low-income individuals, this research highlights the power that the law has to drive social change in the pursuit of meaningful justice for all.